Back to Work

Since Christmas I have been living the life of both Bon Viveur and Blogger, with a level of commitment normally seen only in a Spaniel climbing into an open refrigerator.  But now there is a new and exciting role that demands an equal, but possibly more measured, commitment.  I have accepted a position as Business Analyst at the London head offices of Knight Frank, the global estate agent; but this does raise two important questions concerning skills and style, and I invite your comments and suggestions on my blog.

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Jumping Jellyfish

Actually, jumping is probably one of the few things that jellyfish don’t do in this presentation on biodiversity from Max Weston, age 9.

Work life balance 1: A Stressful Day

Fewer than five seconds had passed and already a major decision was required. I’d just stumbled to the chest of drawers to silence my alarm, and I  stood a short while to regain my balance and review my options: soap and hot water to keep me going for several hours; or back to the comfort of my duvet? Continue reading

When they came for me

Existential Questions

It is well, if writing about existentialism, to declare ones faith, and Dr Linda Labin tells us that she holds Christian beliefs. From her article it is clear that she is as much a leader as a follower in this regard. And she also manages to write the article without saying anything with which I, as an atheist, can take issue. It contributes to my understanding of the people with whom I appear to be sharing this world, and I recommend it whole-heartedly.

Pockets of Chaos

Cloud Moon

Ruminating about life and its meaning (if any). The age-old existential questions: Who am I? Why am I here? Is meaning external, or internal? Does meaning truly exist, or do we create meaning out of the chaos? I love a good mystery, but it’s the not knowing that gnaws at me when I cannot sleep. Gnaws at me so that I cannot sleep. The yawning abyss, whether it be good or evil, awaits me, even in dreams. I do not fear death, for I have faced it several times and stuck my tongue out derisively. But I do fear the unknown, unknowing, unknowable.

Even my Christian belief does not free me. Sometimes, I wonder if belief of any sort is a panacea for our fear, nice stories to lull us to sleep, keep us docile and manageable. That last suggests a being or beings with intention and a need to…

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Who or what is Widget Dave?

“Widget Dave” is a section of my blog that provides help and advice on how to organise the posts and pages of a blog; and how to make best use of widgets, themes and other WordPress features. This article chronicles the genesis of Widget Dave and debunks some of the myths that have grown up around him within the past few weeks.

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An Interview with Widget Dave

The Vine Inn was established in the year 1600 in the village of Chertsey near to the River Thames. For over four hundred years it profitably provided food and ale to the local community and to travellers going to, or returning from, London. But when the 21st century credit crunch hit the business failed, and the inn closed for business in 2009. Continue reading

You’ve Chosen: New Header Image

The people have spoken, and they have been heard.  The nice man at the desk is gone and the furrowed brow has been reduced in size to a less intimidating form.  The successful design now features a block of four images, the leftmost one being a miniaturised furrowed brow, and the other three being randomly selected. Continue reading

Blogging 101: Add a new Page

Like most of us, I’m sure, I’ve only created posts and updated my About page. I was hoping that pages would be very, very different from posts, and that one might actually be able to insert widgets into a page. But it transpires that pages are almost exactly like posts – except for the way your visitors find them. Continue reading

Blogging 101: Plug into a Social Network

Today’s assignment: if you’re active on a social network, set up Publicise or highlight your profile in a widget or menu item. If you’re not, explore your social options to see whether one might be helpful.

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