Blogging 101: Make Your “About” Page Irresistible

My initial thoughts on writing an about page was that it would represent shameless self-promotion on my part.  I don’t have the same problem writing my posts, which are generally outward looking, but could I turn the focus on myself?  And could I put my British reserve to one side to present a character so attractive that no reader could fail to be drawn into my blog?  No.  I couldn’t.  Clearly I would have to rethink the nature of my About page; and so I plunged once more in to the Reader to see what other bloggers have been writing about themselves.

I did find a lot of personal information.  I read it.  This is because, as well as being reserved, we British are also a nosy bunch!  It seemed that bloggers are an interesting lot.  And so I kept nosing around in peoples pages and was getting depressed because I felt there was nothing particularly remarkable about me.  And then I came to a page where the Blogger had spoken lovingly about her children – and I was engrossed and engaged.  This was genuinely interesting yet at the same time unremarkable, and my love for my son meant that I was drawn in to the blog.  Could there be unremarkable things about me that could draw people in?

And so I set about my task with renewed gusto and my About page now has a few more personal details.  I do not know if these things will succeed; but I do know that I am going to continue to tinker with the details, possibly for ever, as my perception of who I am seems to change on a regular basis.  It may be a never ending task like the painting of the Forth Bridge.  It will certainly save money on psychotherapy fees.