Letters of Praise to Peak Perspective and Pockets of Chaos

I write these two open letters to two bloggers who are enriching my life:

Dr Linda Labin
Pockets of Chaos
and Shelly Sackier
Peak Perspective

Dear Dr Linda Labin,

I discovered Pockets of Chaos thanks to a kind comment from you on my article, “Optimistic Salesperson of 2015“.  As someone just beginning to learn how to write properly I was touched by your kindness.  And I liked the words, too.  I knew them all already, of course, but I liked the order in which you placed them.  It’s immediately clear that you have a quick wit, and that words roll easily from your fingertips to the page.  You have an eye for detail, pitch-perfect analysis, and a seemingly inexhaustible energy to discover the interesting and absurd.

I am also pleased to let you know that, to your already impressive list of achievements and qualifications, you can now add the minor honour, of having been the first blogger to have made me laugh aloud in the privacy of my study.  And the thing that did this for me was your doctored photo of The Beatles, each of whom are holding a photo of you.  I tried to find it on your blog so that I could link to it.  I do hope you’ve not removed it.

Your grateful follower

Dave Weston


Dear Shelley Sackier,

 I came to your blog, Peak Perspective, because of a comment you left on Pockets of Chaos. It was kind and generous comment with which I fully agreed, and so I took the detour to take a look at your blog – and am so pleased that I did. Who would know that describing your dog as part sheep, part Highland cow would be so funny, or that sharing the joy of having your teenager spare a second to make eye-contact with you across a crowded room, would be so compelling? I suppose you did.

I wanted to leave a comment.  To say how much I enjoyed it all, but it didn’t seem fair to sully a page full of your elegant, effortless words with my clumsy hard-fought ones. And so I shamefully merely clicked the follow button, to add myself to what I’m sure is a long list of admirers.

And then, joy of joys, I found a comment from you on one of my articles.  You had obviously noticed your new follower and not only made the effort to find an article that you could relate to, but also took the time to add your words to my blog.  I would have thanked you earlier, but have been busy in a futile attempt to save the world with my article, “A Polarised World“, and also in writing this post, but you should know that I am both humbled and honoured by your attention.

Your grateful follower

Dave Weston