Blogging 101: Weekend Two

Elevator Pitch?  Widget Visibility? Follower Emails?  Oh, I get it now.  Yes, very useful…

Elevator Pitch

I used a text widget to create an, “Elevator Pitch”, at the top of the sidebar, to describe the type of content visitors might find.

Widget Visibility

I see this feature as being really useful when my site’s bigger.  For now I’ve added the red cat internet defence league widget to the bottom of the sidebar and to show it only if the categories include, “Blogging University”.  So you should see it now, but not on other articles such as, “Church of England Rolling the Dice“.

Revised Follower Email Messages

I’ve updated my emails to present a friendlier face.  It would be nice if I could add my photo to it.  I’ve asked Michelle on The Commons if this is possible.  In the meantime, please feel free to cut and paste any of my text, below.

When they follow my blog their email will read:


My name is Dave Weston and I write the articles on, “This Troubles Me”. Thank you for following my blog – it’s very much appreciated. To activate please click, “Confirm Follow”, below, and you’ll start receiving emails for each new articles I post. Don’t worry, you won’t be inundated by emails – as each article has to be wrenched from my subconscious mind, which is a lengthy and tiring process that is difficult to repeat on too regular a basis.

I write articles in an attempt to clarify my thoughts on a given subject. And I publish them on my blog in order to get feedback from people such as yourself. I encourage you to add comments to my articles, which you can do below the article and beneath any other comments that might be present.

If there’s an article in which you are particularly interested then, when entering a comment, you can tick the box that reads, “Notify me of new comments by email”.

If you believe this is an error, ignore this message and nothing more will happen.

And when they ask to receive comments on a post:


My name is Dave Weston and I write the, “This Troubles Me”, blog. Thankyou for electing to receive new comments on my article by email. To activate please click, “Confirm Follow”, below. And please do feel free to join in on the discussion. If you feel inundated by emails you’ll have all the usual unsubscribe options at the bottom of the email.

You can also, if you wish, receive an email for each new article by clicking the, “Follow This Troubles Me”, button which is in the sidebar on every page. There are far fewer articles than comments, and so far fewer of these emails.

If you believe this is an error, ignore this message and nothing more will happen.