Blogging 101: Build a Better Blogroll

This is a quick report for me, as I have already been working in this area.  I have two ways in which I share my interests with my readers.

Blogs I Follow Widget

The widget simply words out from your account which blogs you have followed, and presents them to your readers.  The great thing about this is that I don’t really have to do anything to maintain this – other than simply follow the blogs in which I am interested.  I have placed this in the footer, since I am mindful of the fact that what is of interest to me, may not be the reason people are coming to my blog.  You have two options – either a simple text list, or a grid, which I’ve chosen, that show the image with additional hover text.

Note.  You may note that I follow my own blog.  The reasons for this are two-fold.  Firstly, I am interested in how information is served up to my followers.  And secondly, I like seeing my name in print.

Display WordPress Posts Widget

This widget allows you to select the best blogs and/or the blogs that you think will be of most interest to your visitors.  I’ve chosen three blogs and, therefore have had to create three widgets, and I’ve placed them all at the bottom of my side bar.  The widget shows the ‘n’ most recent posts from the chosen blog.  I’ve chosen not to include any images or excerpts from the blog in the interest of brevity in my sidebar.