Hugh Laurie Coaches Football

5 thoughts on “Hugh Laurie Coaches Football

  1. This was absolutely fantastic! I’ve not seen the skit before, but what a cracker of a spoof. This definitely needs to be passed on to a few friends. It will likely be the bright spot in all of their day’s today.
    And now my ‘to-do’ list will crumble as well, because I’ll find myself continually moving further down the Hugh Laurie humor rabbit hole.
    Cheers, Dave, and many thanks!

    • I’ve been down that rabbit hole before, and I hope you’re rewarded by finding the skit where Hugh Laurie does a piece to the camera, sitting on the banks of a river, about the many jobs he’s had.

    • Ah, yes. I forgot. We sometimes call it soccer, too. Now I’m an international blogger I must start speaking in transatlantic terms – never refer to Jam, Bollocks or Blokes, and start using ‘s’ instead of ‘z’. Muzt go now az I’ve a jellyfizh prezentation to voice. 😉

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