Blogging 101: Add a new Page

Like most of us, I’m sure, I’ve only created posts and updated my About page. I was hoping that pages would be very, very different from posts, and that one might actually be able to insert widgets into a page. But it transpires that pages are almost exactly like posts – except for the way your visitors find them.

For this assignment I decided to make a big change to the way in which visitors comprehend my site, and so I have introduced Widget Dave.

Widget DaveYou may recognise this image from some of my other posts.  It seeks to establish a brand that is connected to the enhancement of blogs through organisation and widgets, and relevant posts would be posted under the category, “Widget Dave”, but there was no real pretence that Widget Dave was anyone other than myself.

Now, though, I have decided to endow Widget Dave him with his own persona separate from mine (does this make me schizophrenic?) and this, therefore, required an About page of his own, which takes the form of a letter from me to fellow bloggers introducing Widget Dave.

To provide navigation to this page I have changed my menu a little.  Now, in addition to the posts that he has written, you can access his about page through the, “Widget Dave”, menu at the top of this blog. You’ll have to click the Widget Dave menu item twice, avoiding the clicking of the, “Articles by Widget Dave”, link, and so I don’t think I’ve got this quite right; and so I think I’ll have to ask Widget Dave for his advice (well, that answers the question about schizophrenia).