You’ve Chosen: New Header Image

The people have spoken, and they have been heard.  The nice man at the desk is gone and the furrowed brow has been reduced in size to a less intimidating form.  The successful design now features a block of four images, the leftmost one being a miniaturised furrowed brow, and the other three being randomly selected.

In an unprecedentedly turnout over 50% of This Troubles Me followers cast their vote.  All three entries received significant public support, but the winning design amassed a remarkable total of four votes – representing a staggering 50% of those cast.  Sponsors of the losing designs, though constitutionally entitled to request a recount, gracefully conceded the contest and expressed their support for the wining entry.

Many voters also kindly posted comments and suggestions as to further improvements might be made, including:

  1. A more co-ordinated approach to the selection of the three accompanying images
  2. Improvements to the framing of the images.
  3. Widget Dave’s logo to occupy the rightmost image, when relevant.

These comments were gratefully received and will be acted upon.

My thanks to all who voted.

Dave Weston

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