Who or what is Widget Dave?

“Widget Dave” is a section of my blog that provides help and advice on how to organise the posts and pages of a blog; and how to make best use of widgets, themes and other WordPress features. This article chronicles the genesis of Widget Dave and debunks some of the myths that have grown up around him within the past few weeks.

A Chronicle of the Genesis of Widget Dave

Feb 6 2015

  • Open a WordPress account and publish my first articles

Feb 8 2015

Feb 11 2015

  • Realised my blog writing skills were sadly lacking
  • Realised blog configuration/organisation was easy for me

Feb 18 2015

  • Received nice comments on my technical posts.
  • Put all technical posts under the category, “Widget Dave“.

Feb 23 2015

Feb 24 2015

Mar 4 2015

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