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Since Christmas I have been living the life of both Bon Viveur and Blogger, with a level of commitment normally seen only in a Spaniel climbing into an open refrigerator.  But now there is a new and exciting role that demands an equal, but possibly more measured, commitment.  I have accepted a position as Business Analyst at the London head offices of Knight Frank, the global estate agent; but this does raise two important questions concerning skills and style, and I invite your comments and suggestions on my blog.

Pin stripe on ScooterFirst, there is the matter of adopting a suitably stylish mode of transport to promote the urban executive image.  Should I travel by a combination of Car, Trains and Tube, with a copy of The Times sticking jauntily from a pocket of my  backpack?  And, if so, should I buy one of those folding bicycles in which Ian Fletcher (former Head of London Olympics Deliverance and now Head of Values at the BBC) continually traps his fingers, as a means to avoiding that dreadful descent into Hades? Or should I don a three-piece suit and ride a scooters all the way from Chertsey to Baker Street, with Gerry Rafferty’s song of that name streamed to my in-helmet ear-piece?

The second matter is how to put the knowledge acquired over the past four months to good use in my new job.  A quick glance at my blog will reveal that I have acquired knowledge a wide range of subjects from Biodiversity in the Jellyfish world to the scientific and plotline failures of  Superman movies.

Superman and the Mole MenOne as yet unpublished article, that I have been working on since before Easter, is an explanation of how long a day is.  Strange to think such an article could take that long or that the answer might be anything more interesting than, “24 Hours”; but as it turns out, not only are there different types of day, but the Solar Day (with which we’re mostly familiar)  only averages twenty-four hours, and can vary in length by up to 50 seconds.  I have set myself the target of publishing this by the time I start my new role on 4th May.

Image result for solar system

I confess, I am at a loss as to how I can my newly acquired knowledge to good use as  Business Analyst for a global estate agent – but I look forward to your suggestions.

4 thoughts on “Back to Work

  1. Hmmm this requires some thought, I will get back to you on this. I am a fan of a pin stripe suit and of course waistcoat and riding a scooter into town is very appealing. Must be my love for the Who, Mod days and Quadrophenia!

  2. Right of the top of the head….congratulations on your new job & your work on your book. Secondly, congrats on the knowledge you take with you.
    The one thing that could still us some tweaking is the header. Maybe just using letters and not photos or just one amazing photo of nature or the opposite(a city photo which would most closely resemble your new job).
    Will think more on it.

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