An Interview with Widget Dave

The Vine Inn was established in the year 1600 in the village of Chertsey near to the River Thames. For over four hundred years it profitably provided food and ale to the local community and to travellers going to, or returning from, London. But when the 21st century credit crunch hit the business failed, and the inn closed for business in 2009. Continue reading

Blogging 101: Add a new Page

Like most of us, I’m sure, I’ve only created posts and updated my About page. I was hoping that pages would be very, very different from posts, and that one might actually be able to insert widgets into a page. But it transpires that pages are almost exactly like posts – except for the way your visitors find them. Continue reading

Blogging 101: Plug into a Social Network

Today’s assignment: if you’re active on a social network, set up Publicise or highlight your profile in a widget or menu item. If you’re not, explore your social options to see whether one might be helpful.

When I set up a blog, three long weeks ago, now, a friend advised me to engage with everything.  Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Pinterest, and anything else that came along. Continue reading

Blogging 101: Try a new posting style

Today’s assignment: build your storyteller’s toolbox by publishing a post in another format or a style you’ve never used before.

I’ve a plan to publish a presentation of Jellyfish on YouTube, but the the commentary from my son is not ready yet.  So for this assignment I’m publishing one of my favourite sketches – Hugh Laurie Coaches Football.

I hope you find this a pleasant diversion from your hard work on Blogging 101.

Blogging 101: Increase comment confidence

My task today is to find other articles deriving from the daily post Snark Bombs Away – an assignment that I completed yesterday.  We were meant to find six articles to read and comment upon two or them. Unfortunately, I only managed half the task. Continue reading

Blogging 101: Build a Better Blogroll

This is a quick report for me, as I have already been working in this area.  I have two ways in which I share my interests with my readers. Continue reading

Blogging 101: Make a Prompt Personal

Today’s assignment: publish a post based on your own, personalized take on a Daily Prompt.

Continue reading

Blogging 101: Weekend Two

Elevator Pitch?  Widget Visibility? Follower Emails?  Oh, I get it now.  Yes, very useful… Continue reading

Blogging 101: Spruce Up Your Sidebar

Today’s assignment: add and/or customize two widgets, one text based and one image based

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Reddle theme images in search results

From the outset I wanted a simple theme for my blog, and there were many such available and I chose Twenty Ten.  As the number of articles grew I realised, to avoid an overwhelmingly long home page, I would have have to create posts that started with the tantalising stuff immediately followed by a read more tag.  This was all very painless. Continue reading