Back to Work

Since Christmas I have been living the life of both Bon Viveur and Blogger, with a level of commitment normally seen only in a Spaniel climbing into an open refrigerator.  But now there is a new and exciting role that demands an equal, but possibly more measured, commitment.  I have accepted a position as Business Analyst at the London head offices of Knight Frank, the global estate agent; but this does raise two important questions concerning skills and style, and I invite your comments and suggestions on my blog.

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Work life balance 1: A Stressful Day

Fewer than five seconds had passed and already a major decision was required. I’d just stumbled to the chest of drawers to silence my alarm, and I  stood a short while to regain my balance and review my options: soap and hot water to keep me going for several hours; or back to the comfort of my duvet? Continue reading

Hugh Laurie Coaches Football

Optimistic Salesperson of 2015

SalespersonDo you groan every time your land line rings?  They’re not calling your mobile so you know it’s either an elderly relative or someone calling about your mis-sold PPP claim.  Approaching the WHS counter, book in hand, do you agonise over how to suppress your rage to the enquiry, “Would you like a slab of chocolate for a pound?”  And does providing your first name to a Starbucks barista make it more difficult to decline the invitation to, “have a cake with that?” Continue reading