Back to Work

Since Christmas I have been living the life of both Bon Viveur and Blogger, with a level of commitment normally seen only in a Spaniel climbing into an open refrigerator.  But now there is a new and exciting role that demands an equal, but possibly more measured, commitment.  I have accepted a position as Business Analyst at the London head offices of Knight Frank, the global estate agent; but this does raise two important questions concerning skills and style, and I invite your comments and suggestions on my blog.

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Work life balance 1: A Stressful Day

Fewer than five seconds had passed and already a major decision was required. I’d just stumbled to the chest of drawers to silence my alarm, and I  stood a short while to regain my balance and review my options: soap and hot water to keep me going for several hours; or back to the comfort of my duvet? Continue reading