About Widget Dave

Dear Fellow Blogger,

IMG_0145Widget Dave has written a number of great articles.  They’re not about politics religion or sport, so don’t really belong alongside mine. Nevertheless, they’re invaluable to me and I they may be invaluable to you.

I should start by saying I’ve learned no writing skills from Widget Dave (and neither will you) but he understands (far better than I) how to use widgets to give a blog with clear, intuitive navigation – an absolute must if we want our visitors to read more than just the one article that brought them to our blog place in the first place – and to which they were drawn by an emails, tweets, facebook entries, google ads, or any other of the hard fought means we’ve employed to get our posts noticed.

You can find his articles by clicking here, or selecting the category, “Widget Dave”, in my top menu.  Also, look out for new posts with his signature Jeans with Pliers and Spanner image. For some reason he doesn’t like his face to be photographed, but is enormously proud of his butt.

Dave Weston
This Troubles Me

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