When they came for me

Existential Questions

It is well, if writing about existentialism, to declare ones faith, and Dr Linda Labin tells us that she holds Christian beliefs. From her article it is clear that she is as much a leader as a follower in this regard. And she also manages to write the article without saying anything with which I, as an atheist, can take issue. It contributes to my understanding of the people with whom I appear to be sharing this world, and I recommend it whole-heartedly.

Pockets of Chaos

Cloud Moon

Ruminating about life and its meaning (if any). The age-old existential questions: Who am I? Why am I here? Is meaning external, or internal? Does meaning truly exist, or do we create meaning out of the chaos? I love a good mystery, but it’s the not knowing that gnaws at me when I cannot sleep. Gnaws at me so that I cannot sleep. The yawning abyss, whether it be good or evil, awaits me, even in dreams. I do not fear death, for I have faced it several times and stuck my tongue out derisively. But I do fear the unknown, unknowing, unknowable.

Even my Christian belief does not free me. Sometimes, I wonder if belief of any sort is a panacea for our fear, nice stories to lull us to sleep, keep us docile and manageable. That last suggests a being or beings with intention and a need to…

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Church of England Rolling the Dice

Dear Members of the House of Bishops1,

Your recently published 52-page pastoral letter is being viewed as an attack upon the British Political system. Continue reading

A Polarising World?

I am an emotional tourist. My home is in the centre, and it comes with fantastic views. On a clear day I can see both left and right politics, theism and atheism, and eastern and western cultures. But in seeing these things it is only natural for me to sympathise with some views from nowhere near the centre; and I will spend a short vacation there before returning to the centre where, together with my slightly adjusted view, I find balance and comfort. But recently the centre has begun to feel less comfortable; and there’s now a fence there restricting my view, and upon which it is difficult to achieve balance. I fear that one day my home will become uninhabitable.

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Do they trouble you?

Here are three people who trouble me.  The photos were taken long ago, but can you name them? To enter complete and submit the following form: Continue reading

Bishop Libby Lane to sit in Lords?

Last week Libby Lane became the Church of England’s first woman bishop.  Bishops sit in the House of Lords.  They read prayers at the start of each day meeting and play a full and active role in the upper house who can halt or hold up legislation and are in a unique position to influence our laws.  So will Libby Lane be amongst them? Continue reading

Defending The Faith

In light of the attack on staff at Charlie Hebdo I’ve been thinking about a clash between Religion and Freedom of Speech that started a century ago in the USA.  And ask what the assailants might have learned? Continue reading