Jumping Jellyfish

Actually, jumping is probably one of the few things that jellyfish don’t do in this presentation on biodiversity from Max Weston, age 9.


Science Fiction or Science Fact?

The first film came in 1951 and was called, “Superman and the Mole Men”; and it sounds like a terrible mis-match.  What special power might the Mole Men use against a man with limitless strength; x-ray vision (helpful underground); and an body impervious even to bullets? Might they employ their prodigious sense of smell or sharp little claws? Or did they perhaps have access to thermonuclear weapons? It mattered not, for they were not destined to clash head-on with the man in the red cape. Continue reading

Popular Science or Dumbing Down?

On 12 November Rosetta finished a 10 year, 6.4 million km journey and, hurtling through space at 55,000 kph, delivered a landing craft to the surface of a comet.  Big numbers.  But relevant? Continue reading

Defending The Faith

In light of the attack on staff at Charlie Hebdo I’ve been thinking about a clash between Religion and Freedom of Speech that started a century ago in the USA.  And ask what the assailants might have learned? Continue reading